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From the 26th to the 29th of May 2022, 2nd Edition of PASAIA ITSAS FESTIBALA , the Maritime Festival of Pasaia

Posted in Event le 21 May 2022

From the 26th to the 29th of May 2022, it is the 2nd Edition of the Maritime Festival of Pasajes.... An extraordinary opportunity to rediscover the port of Pasajes from where the great Basque expeditions to Terre-Neuve left for centuries. You will be able to admire the many historical ships expected in the bay on the occasion of the Festival and visit the Basque maritime Faktoria ALBAOLA, where the San Juan is being rebuilt today, a 16th century gallion that sank off the coast of Terre-Neuve and was miraculously preserved in its icy waters.  Close to Villa Magalean and Hondarribia....

Festivities of Hondarribia - Gora Ama Guadalupekoa!

Posted in Event le 4 September 2018

The big day is coming. Between the preparations and the rehearsals, the city is in celebration. The various cultural events that took place throughout the summer are multiplying in the run up to September 8, Alarde's day. It is "THE" big day for all the citizens. Passions and feelings express themselves in harmony, like the sea lily which flourishes only for a day to impregnate its aroma all that surrounds it...