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Euskadi Basque Country Basque Luxury


A privileged location in the heart of the Basque Country


Hondarribia... Ondarribi or Onyarbi for initiates... often known as Fuenterrabia to the Spanish or Fontarrabie to the French, situated in the heart of the Basque Country, is a delightful seaside resort that charms all the senses.


The vivid colours of the balconies of the Marina district, which the fishermen maintain year after year just as they paint their boats, stand out against the grey, blue and violet shades of the maritime landscapes so tirelessly sought out by the painters of the Bidasoa through the centuries.


The briny scent wafting inland from the sea, the intoxicating fragrance of the magnolias lining the quiet streets, the gourmet scents escaping from the kitchens of innumerable restaurants.


The soft sand of the beach, the rugged rocky coast, the noble patina of ancient walls and Roman foundations.The thundering surf,
the nocturnal siren song of boats departing from the port, and the creaking sighs of the craft moored in the bay. The wonderful sound of the txibillito, echoing through the neighbourhoods as celebrations get under way.


There is no doubt that Hondarribia is the ideal place to visit when you want to gain a new zest for life.