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Henriette Spa feature LPG® endermology in facial and body treatments.

Published on 9 May 2018, In Hotel

Henriette Spa have enriched their range of treatments using LPG® endermology protocols, in conjunction with massages and traditional rituals updated by Cinq Mondes. LPG®, world leaders in cell stimulation (endermologie®) for over thirty years, were chosen for two reasons: their scientific research devoted to women's health, well-being, and beauty, as well as their emphasis on natural, healthy, sustainable beauty.

Our spa treatments target the specific needs of women:
facial remodelling, restoring skin density while smoothing wrinkles from the inside, draining toxins and "re-oxygenating" the skin for a pure, radiant look, and redesigning the contours of the facial oval. LPG® patented motorized flaps on the treatment head stimulate facial cells and boost fibroblast (rejuvenating cell) production of collagen (for firmness), elastin (for suppleness), and hyaluronic acid (volume and & hydration) naturally present in the skin.
Motorised rollers and flaps, combined with sequential suction in the LPG® patented treatment head, act simultaneously on the quality of the skin (firmness, "orange peel" look) and eliminate fat, for a generalised or targeted reduction in volume. It smooths cellulite by softening and eliminating fat tissues, while stimulating blood and lymph circulation, firming and stimulating the skin to densify the dermis from the inside. The body is reshaped and toned, painlessly and naturally.
Tradition is combined with modernity thanks to expert hands and scientific innovation.

Henriette Spa imagines a new way of looking after yourself, thanks to a holistic approach to treatments and selected efficient, non-invasive techniques that enhance energy and make the most of the natural regeneration capacities of body and skin.

Elisabet Elduayen
Spa Manager
+ 34 943 569 130