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Exceptional Dinner for Saint Jean's night at Mahasti - 23 June 2018

Published on 15 June 2018, In Event

In the Basque Country, it is traditional to celebrate Saint Jean’s night. Because it is the shortest night of the year, because it symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness, and for its magical and purifying virtues. A myriad of small fires used to shine everywhere in our countryside. The celebration of Saint Jean's night, of pagan origin, is deeply rooted throughout the Basque Country. Although customs vary by village, the most common tradition is to light a fire on the ground and jump over to benefit from the powerful solar energy of the night and get protection for the whole year. A long time ago, fires were lit at midnight, but it is not uncommon today to see thin columns of smoke rising at the end of the afternoon to the sky as if they wanted to catch the Sun. At Villa Magalean, the barbecue of our restaurant Mahasti will light up at sunset and fill the air with succulent aromas. For this occasion, we have chosen to make you taste great local productions, craft that we particularly like: beers from Bidassoa Basque Brewery, txakoli from Hiruzta Bodega, cider from TOPA and liqueurs from Egiazki.

And as tradition dictates, Oscar Portugués, well-known flamenco guitarist, will accompany us with his captivating music throughout the evening!

Reservations: :+34943569130